Emissions Testing

Ah . . . nice, clean air. That’s what it’s all about.

To help minimize air pollution, California has set emissions limits which your vehicle cannot exceed. If you own a vehicle that is six years old, or older, a smog check (also called a smog test or emissions test) will be required once every two years, and also upon title transfer to another owner, or during initial California registration (if the car comes from another state).

An emissions test is done on the exhaust system of your car to determine how many pollutants, and of which type, the vehicle is emitting. Then, other parts of the vehicle that may also contribute to undesirable emissions are inspected. For example, hoses and pipes, the on-board computer, and the muffler system.

There are three phases to the inspection: emissions, visual, and functional. Your auto must pass all three inspections in that order to be approved.
If emissions exceed the legal limits, or your car otherwise fails the smog test, it must be repaired and tested again. Often, repairs are simple and inexpensive. But in some cases, the repair may involve substantial expense. If you meet requirements, the state of California may provide financial assistance in those cases.

Drivers should get a smog check for their vehicles regularly, not only meet legal requirements, but to help in the national effort to reduce air pollution, and to help ensure the vehicle is safe to drive.

Emissions Test

Personal vehicle emissions add to the air pollution in many states. As a responsible driver, you care about aiding the national effort to reduce vehicle emissions—not just because all states have a vehicle emissions limit, but also because a vehicle that exceeds emissions limits is generally in poor repair, decreasing its safety and reliability. Because you depend on your vehicle for day to day needs, you want to keep it in the best repair possible. Our shop keeps your car in top condition by offering comprehensive emissions testing as well as superior customer service.

During an emissions test, our technicians will connect a device to the tailpipe of your vehicle while the engine is running to measure your automobile’s emissions while it is idle and while it is revving. We will compare our results to the state standards for your vehicle. We also check to make sure that your muffler is in good shape, and we will also make sure that your hoses and pipes are properly connected and working well.

From the moment you walk through our door until you leave satisfied with the results, our team strives to supply only the best service to you and your vehicle.

Many shops focus only on completing the work order, but our dedicated technicians go above and beyond to exceed your customer service expectations. Put our service to the test by calling our shop or stopping in to schedule an emissions test for your vehicle today!


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