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Brakes Service Issues

Brakes Service Issues

Warped Brake Rotors Host: Let’s go ahead and get into brakes. Robert, what are the issues around brakes and brakes service? What do people need to know about that? What are the problems you see? Robert: Problems that I see are rotors getting warped. Now, in your braking system, we have brake pads. And the brake pads squish the rotors, which are, imagine, a disk. Now, the pads squish the disk, which slows you down. Just to sum it up. Host: So the pads are on either side of the rotor, and they’re putting pressure on the rotor, and that’s what slows down the vehicle. Robert: Correct. It’s a very efficient way of working. It works very well. But when you are driving a 5000-pound vehicle and you go to slow down, that creates a lot of heat. And that heat can cause that metal rotor to literally change its shape. Host: It’s going to warp. Robert: Just a hair and that’s called “warping” it. And then you’ll have pulsations. You’ll go to step on your brake and you’ll feel a pulsation on the brak ... read more




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