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Repair and Replacing Automatic Transmissions

Repair and Replacing Automatic Transmissions

Host: What can you tell us about automatic transmissions? So Doctor of Motors, obviously, works on transmissions, replaces them. Robert: We do. We repair, replace. Host: Repair, replace. Robert: We test any of those problems. When you have a Check Engine light, there’s also a Check Engine light for the transmission, which is, if you imagine your indicator, where it says, Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, there is usually a little light around that tells you what gear you’re in. Host: Yes. Robert: If that light starts to flash, that is your Check Engine light for the transmission. Host: That just happened to my wife’s vehicle. That’s what she saw on her Honda Odyssey. Robert: Yeah. And that’s the transmission computer saying, “Hey, we’re having a problem.” Host: “Something’s wrong.” Robert: “You need to get it checked out.” Full Service Auto Repair Shops Fix Transmissions Too Host: Okay. So Doctor of Motors is a full-service shop, tackles transmissions, as well. Robert: Yes, we do. Host ... read more




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